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Vikings Athletics

Upper Merion Area School District


Vikings Athletics

Upper Merion Area School District

Vikings Athletics

Upper Merion Area School District

Game Summaries & Headlines.


8 months ago



Upper Merion - 3

Archbishop Carol - 2


  The two teams evenly matched, some really great close matches.  The match of the afternoon came between the two number one Singles players.  The match was a reminiscent of Walt Disney’s World Main Street,  spectators lined up watching fireworks.  Lady Viking Sahar Islam, now a fourth year Varsity player.  Sahar works on her game all year long, those offseason developments were on full display. Her opponent Tess Humes  (First Team All Catholic Singles) also an all year around tennis player.  These two young ladies put on a tennis show for the ages.  Three hours worth of tennis people!


Game notes:

Tess set traps around the net trying to place Sahar out of position.  Sahar responded with a trap of her own, ground-strokes to the far left corner of the court. It was such an intelligently played match.  These two players had rallies that lasted longer than delays on the Schuylkill expressway. That’s how evenly matched these two were.


Tess took the first set 6-2

Sahar won the final two sets 6-4 6-4



We caught up with Sahar


UMM- Well that was a quick match


Sahar- laughing, hardly.  Thank you to my teammates sticking around and supporting me.


UMM- first off congratulations, do you know you played 3 hours?


Sahar- it’s crazy right? This is the second time this has happened (laughing) I trained all summer long for matches like this. Eish, my strength and conditioning coach did such a great job preparing me. Also my coaches are doing such a great job preparing us for different situations.


UMM- we noticed your balls have a lot of power behind them this year


Sahar- yes, that was my focus this summer, getting stronger and a more overall healthier lifestyle.


UMM – Lets talk about your opponent…


Sahar- cutting in, oh she is no joke! I’ve played a lot of great players in my career. Tess got after balls that were like impossible to run down.  I don’t think she had any eras the first set (laughing) She is such a great player.  People were saying Tess has the same demeanor as me.  I rarely show emotion on the court, neither did Tess. Sometimes, I can get a read on a player that will get frustrated and unravel.  Tess was so composed.  I think we brought out the best in each other


UMM- that’s so cool giving your opponent high praises


Sahar- my dad always say “iron sharpens iron” you are only good as the competition you play against.  I love competing against the best.


UMM- well get some rest, I heard a rumor there’s another match tomorrow .


Sahar- (laughing) That’s the crazy thing about sports.  Enjoy it today and refocus tomorrow.


UMM- well thank you Sahar and good luck the rest of the way. Oh, congratulations on being elected team captain.


Sahar- Thank you so much.  Thank you to my coaches and most importantly my teammates.


*The Lady Vikings are home tomorrow against Archbishop Wood @10 am

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