Vikings Athletics

Upper Merion Area School District


Vikings Athletics

Upper Merion Area School District

Vikings Athletics

Upper Merion Area School District

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Track & Field Meet Results vs. PWHS 3/31/15

The boys and girls track teams both won their meets vs Plymouth Whitemarsh on Tuesday 3/31/15.  The score of the boys meet was 86-61 and the score of the girl’s meet was 79-69.  

The following placed in his/her event:

Boys Results:

Noah Falasco – 1st 300 H, 1st 110 H

Shaheer Hashmi – 2nd 300 H, 2nd 110 H

Bartros Barsoum – 2nd in the 100

Shuait Nair – 3rd in the 100

Evan Cirafesi – 1st in 1600 and 3200

JoJo Gallagher – 3rd in 1600, 

Quan Nguyen – 2nd in the 400

Adrian Jung – 3rd in the 400

Tom Ginnona – 1st in the 800

Adam Hallaj – 3rd in the 800

Frank Dalton – 2nd in the 200

Brendan Miller – 1st in shot, disc and jav

Marcus Elliott – 3rd in shot

Victor Yin – 3rd in jav and disc

Paul Kim – 2nd in high jump, long jump and triple jump

Bryan Hua – 3rd in long jump

Vincent Chang – 2nd in pole vault

Zach DeSanto – 3rd in pole vault

Boys 4x800 and 4x400 won their races

Girls Results:

Emma Andraka – 3rd in 300 H, 2nd in 100 H

Arianna Ramsey – 1st in 100, 200; 3rd in high jump

Kaitlyn Lutz – 1st in 1600

Alexis Anderson – 2nd in 1600 and 800

Erin Rodenbaugh – 3rd in 400

Emma Straw – 3rd in 800

Mira Erzanova – 2nd in 3200

June Sanchez – 3rd in 3200

Jordan Wilson – 1st in shot and disc

Kim Melck – 2nd in shot, 3rd in disc

Ching Ching Taing – 3rd in shot

Carolyn Helenski – 1st in jav, 2nd in disc

Mads Rushlau – 2nd in jav

Regie Robinson – 1st in high jump

Rose Sedgwick – 2nd in long jump, 1st in triple jump

Meg Hall – 2nd in triple jump

Mattie Barone – 1st in pole vault

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